Our Story

Our Mission

Whether it is using our mobile rail set up, throwing down at one of our Jams or raising awarness about the effects of climate change on our scene, we love all things snowsports and want to share this passion across the UK and Europe!

Jibworx is here to organise the biggest and best snowsport events in the UK. The UK is lucky enough to have some of the best year round snowsports facilities in the world and because of this, punches above its weight in slopestyle.

We are here to help get team GB to the top. We are passionate about snowsports. It comes first in our lives (so much so that co-founder J proposed in a snow park!) and we endeavour to pass that passion on to you. If it’s your first time, don’t be afraid! You will be welcomed whatever your age or ability. All we ask is that you have a basic level of skiing or snowboarding. Leave the rest to us and soon you will be competing in a Jibworx open event. Our comps are for anyone who competes regularly in freestyle to 1st time groms. We organise major events and open comps throughout the year on the UK’s year round slopes or using one of our mobile rail set ups, ideal for demo’s or comps whatever the weather or location!

We spend a lot of our year in the mountains and we have quickly come to learn that global warming is having a real effect on our sport. We decided to act and are now members of The Climate Coalition and are official WWF supporters. It is our aim to engage as many members of our community in the climate conversation.”